Motion sicknesses is largely caused by conflicting messages in the brain. Let me explain. The balancing mechanisms in the inner ear are very sensitive. Not only does our inner ear keep us balanced and upright as we move but it can accurately sense the motion of our body through space in any direction.  When this system is working properly, signals sent from the inner ear to the brain are interpreted correctly as the body being in motion. How these signals are processed by or brains has evolved over millions of years and works remarkably well in most circumstances.

The problem of motion sickness arises out of the fact that modern transportation has only been around for a couple hundred years. For some people, the brain thinks it is getting two very different signals; one from the inner ear indicating that the body is in motion and the other from the eyes looking inside the vehicle being interpreted as the body being still, since what we see inside the vehicle is not moving. The brain’s inability to reconcile these two very conflicting messages can cause nausea, and actual sickness. This is why people with motion sicknesses often feel better by focusing their vision on the scene outside the vehicle as they move forward. This helps to temporarily resolve the brain confusion.

But Why the Nausea and Sicknesses?

Motion sickness is basically a perception problem. The brain thinks that something must be wrong with us. Over millions of years our bodies and brains have evolved effective defenses against the dangers in our environment. Many poisons as well as bacterial or viral diseases can play with our perceptions, like when we have the flu. The mind, in an attempt to protect the body from what it perceives as a possible toxin, may trigger nausea in an attempt to expel it from our system. This results in the traveler feeling sick.

Fixing the Problem.

As a professional Hypnotist, I specialize in fixing problems where people understand their problem on a conscious level but the problem persists anyway. Hypnosis is well know for its effectiveness in treating many things such as weight loss, smoking, stress, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), phobias, etc. Its interesting that overweight people know they need to eat better and exercise more, yet the bad habits continue. Smokers typically understand the dangers of tobacco and often want to quit consciously but still crave cigarettes. And consciously, people with motion sickness understand they are sitting still on a moving object but they still get queasy. People have problems when their subconscious mind doesn’t understand or isn’t on board with what they want consciously.

The job of the subconscious mind is to keep us alive and safe but it doesn’t always know exactly what is really best for us, even if the conscious part of our mind does.  The subconscious part of the brain is also very powerful.  It controls all of our automatic functions, such as sweating, blushing and breathing. However, it can sometimes become confused when seemingly unnatural things are happening to us. This is where hypnosis can help.

How Hypnosis Solves the Problem.

Hypnosis basically turns down the conscious part of the mind in order to communicate more effectively with the subconscious part.  A good hypnotherapist can talk to a clients’ subconscious mind and instruct it to make beneficial changes. I’m good at persuading the subconscious minds of clients who want to lose weight to desire eating a more balanced diet, for example.

In the case of motion sickness, I can communicate with the unconscious part of the mind and inform it as to what is actually happening when you are in a moving vehicle.  When this happens, there is no longer any confusion when you are traveling.  All we need to do is tell the subconscious part of the mind that when you are in a vehicle you are actually moving, despite what it may interpret from the eyes. By removing the confusion, the sickness or nausea disappear too. From now on, you can travel in comfort without the need for a sick bag and we did it without drugs or any negative side effects.