Stop Smoking for Life in 90 Minutes!

Do it easily without chemicals and improve your health immediately.

We’re Looking for fed up smokers to be taken through our “Instant Quit” smoking transformation process…

So if you...

  • Are over the age of 18.
  • Smoke at least 10 cigarettes per week.
  • Are willing to report back 6 months after the program has finished with your success story.
  • Want to look, feel and smell better.
  • Want to have more energy.
  • Want to save thousands of dollars every year?

The average smoker smokes a pack per day.
The average price can approach $6 per pack in Idaho. That’s an average yearly cost of about $2,000!

Pay For Your Treatment in Just Months
and Get Started for Only a $100 Deposit.

This program is designed for fed up smokers who want rapid results.

1. Remove the Triggers

  • Disconnect all the connections you once had with cigarettes
  • Break the habit
  • Create new beneficial habits

2. Become Smoke Free

  • Change the thoughts about cigarettes
  • Become a non-smoker rather than an ex smoker (ex-smoker has the temptation to go back)
  • Non-Smoker never looks back

3. Improve Your Health

  • Lay the foundations for health and lifestyle improvement
  • Breath fresh clean air for life

John O. Wylie, CHT. has been helping people make lasting positive changes with hypnotherapy since 2004. He is the highest rated hypnotherapist in the Boise area based on the number of 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp.

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