Getting over the Fear of Speaking in Public through Hypnosis

Classified a “social phobia” by mental health experts (one of an array of irrational fears affecting one-in-ten people that includes the fear of using a public toilet and fear of signing one’s name in front of others) a fear of speaking in public is perhaps the most relatable for the average person. (Most of us have experienced some degree of “stage fright” or know someone who has.)

With both Aristotle and Sir Isaac Newton believed to have suffered this often debilitating condition, many well known public figures of modern times have also had to overcome its limitations including actors Bruce Willis, Jimmy Stewart, Eric Roberts and Samuel L. Jackson. Pop singers Carly Simon and Dido; American pro golfer Tiger Woods; and world-famous statesman Winston Churchill, meaning sufferers are in great company.

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Unlike most phobias, researchers have discovered that the fear of speaking in public often develops in the absence of common contributing factors. Sufferers do not typically experience accompanying depression or generalized anxiety disorder, often have no family history of mental illness (or even stage fright itself) and did not experience any specific traumatic event spawning the irrational fear. In fact, is most comparative clinical studies, the individual’s debilitating dread had different origins entirely.  And while a number of issues were common to those studied (the fear of falling, fear of forgetting what to say, fear of vomiting, or fear of being judged by their physical appearance), none seemed to be the underlying cause.

Hypnosis for overcoming a Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking is often accomplished by fits of stuttering or other anxiety-triggered speech impediments, hypnotists have developed a number of treatments for what is technically known as glossophobia, in our casework, we have found the most of our clients know of someone with great public speaking ability that they would like to emulate.  We often use a Modeling technique where the person is hypnotized to envision someone they know with the public speaking ability they want to attain. Many of our clients come to us looking to overcome this fear because they are looking to advance their professional careers. We have a particularly high success rate using hypnosis to help people overcome a fear of public speaking.

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