Shop in the Store You Want without worrying about weight

Young women shopping do you find yourself passing by stores because you just “know” that there is nothing in there that will fit or flatter you because of excess weight? Many of our clients have articulated this situation to us, and that is often the basis of how we help them re-gain control of managing their weight once and for all.

Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your hard-earned dollars buying clothes that flatter you in a store that caters to fit and trim people rather than those who are carrying excess pounds? A common unintended consequence of a successful professional life is the use of food as a distracter from the feelings which result from everyday challenges. Often exercise is difficult to manage because of scheduling demands, travel etc.

Wouldn’t it be good to lose weight and then manage it using methods which do not require dieting or even exercise? I know that idea disagrees with common beliefs of the world, but Hypnosis is successful for weight loss because we help you return to the relationship you were created to have with food.

Use Hypnosis to help you Eat the Way You Were Born To

Control your eating with hypnosis. You can learn about the hard-wired way we are designed to eat by observing a child, when they say they are not hungry as mother prompts them to eat. They are simply observing an inner signal which is telling them they do not require food for energy. When they are hungry though, you better get out of the way; they eat like little birds until they receive the signal of fullness, and then abruptly stop eating.

There is a part of our mind that controls all of the automatic functions designed to keep you healthy. Those functions include; breathing, our heartbeat and blood pressure, salivation, digestion, our immune response and reflexes, to name a few.

Our hunger and sleep fall into this realm as well, and you probably are aware and might agree that you have no control over either. While it’s true we have no control over the feelings of sleep or hunger, we can choose to ignore those signals, which can result in problems in both those areas.

During hypnosis, we help you return to that inborn state where you simply eat when you are truly hungry and top when you are full. This is a powerful idea, hidden in plain-sight from a world caught up in dieting and over-eating special foods to manage weight.

We believe all food is good and our program requires you to only eat the food you want. Using our method you are never on a diet, we simply help you, using Hypnosis, to avoid foods that don’t get the benefits you want.

When you begin to lose weight and your friends ask you what diet you are on, you can tell them, “I am on the dessert after dinner diet”, if you choose.

No Exercise Required to Lose Weight Using Hypnosis

A problem for many successful professionals is simply the lack of time necessary to work out enough to lose, and then manage weight effectively. During our free consultation I will briefly describe to you how you can change your beliefs about weight loss, and lose weight without going to the gym. Now of course we encourage our clients to exercise because they lose weight faster, but on those occasions where they are traveling, working or just enjoying down-time, they can still be losing weight.

Relax and lose weight you say? As a Hypnotist I know that we as Humans always do better at anything we are in involved in if we are relaxed. We are not Doctors but it is common knowledge among educated people that our bodies often respond in a negative way to emotions which aren’t being managed effectively. When we work with you we help you develop an efficient way to “feel good” no matter what situation you are involved in, facilitating your weight loss.

Sensible Weight Loss Goals met

Weight Loss Our Program of Weight Loss Hypnosis is designed to create a sensible weight of 1-2 pounds a week, while you eat the foods you enjoy. You are never under external control such as a diet or having to report results in a group setting. Your program is individually designed to work affectively without diets.

Before you know it you will be in the stores you want to shop at without limitations!