According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) more than 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes. Many people in Boise are struggling with tobacco dependence not knowing that in as few as one session, they could stop smoking, with hypnosis.

Does hypnotherapy really work for quitting smoking?

YES! In a recent study conducted by the University Of Washington School Of Medicine, 43 patients underwent hypnotherapy to stop smoking. 39 of the 43 patients remained abstinent from tobacco use at the follow up of 6 months and then again at the 3 year mark.

Because depression has been linked to quitting smoking, some studies have found that hypnosis has been particularly effective in managing smoking addiction if positive suggestions about the person’s wellbeing are built into the therapeutic process.

Why is hypnosis more effective than other methods of quitting smoking? Hypnosis is one of the many non-pharmalogical treatments for smoking cessation. If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before you might have tried patches, gum or even electronic cigarettes. The main reason why these things are often ineffective is because they focus primarily on addressing the physical cravings for nicotine or simply to replace the hand to mouth fixation. Hypnosis works by dealing with the mental aspects that influence the smoking ritual.

Smoking addiction and the sub-conscious mind

Most peoples smoking addition is deeply rooted in the mind. In our experience, few adults pick up smoking in adulthood. When habits are formed in childhood and adolescence they become part of your identity. As adults, many try to quit smoking, unsuccessfully. This is a demonstration of the power of the sub-conscious mind to continually re-enforce behavior it feels is “helpful”, while rejecting overwhelming and constant evidence to the contrary. The sub-conscious mind simply overpowers attempts by the conscious mind of regaining control.

We work to understand you as a person. Our hypnotherapy sessions are designed to give you freedom from the habit of smoking and support you in the process. We don’t just “take your cigarettes away” and leave you to deal with the “feelings” that keep reminding you to smoke again. Our program allows you time to eliminate the factors that have caused you to continue smoking in the past, and then be successful as a non-smoker for life.