Professional Development Using Hypnosis the Best version of you!

While it is true that Hypnotists often work with people experiencing problems in their lives, such as the smoking habit, and excess weight, high functioning professionals can also use hypnosis to enhance their performance. Truly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

In the highly competitive world of professionals today, more are seeking help in the form of Life coaches or sometimes even drug therapy to improve alertness and mental agility. Hypnosis can help in a faster and more naturally effective way, by providing an avenue for the permanent change of old ideas and habits, that may be holding a person back.

In our practices as Hypnotists, we often see how ideas from the past, (most that are unknown to the client), are holding them back in some way from achieving the happiness, health, and success they desire. Commonly, many of these original sensitizing events occur in the ages prior to six years old.

Early experiences can influence our world today

Think about how most of us would be shocked to find out that ideas formed at an age prior to six years old could be influencing our success at work and in our personal lives. That is where conventional talk based behavior modification strategies fall somewhat short. In most cases, these strategies require extensive time to be spent identifying areas of under-performance and creating conversation based behavior modification plans. Some of the downfalls of these strategies can be that people as a rule will not present information willfully that does not enhance their perception of themselves. Another limitation is that the person may not have access to information vital to the problem because it overshadowed by years of experiences. Therefore, the person either ignores or refuses to discuss the information, which is important to the changing of the limiting ideas and behaviors.

Hypnosis can be used to positively change your identity

Hypnosis can be part of the process used to enhance a person’s professional performance. The Hypnotist typically begins the process by conducting an interview to look for ideas and beliefs, which are not factual, that the person accepts as real. Unlike other strategies, with hypnosis, a skilled Hypnotist using the power of hypnosis is able to set aside the protections of the subconscious mind, known as the “Critical Factor”, which could be considered a comparing mechanism. This part of the mind filters all new information and disregards ideas that do not agree with the persons strongly held view of the world. The information is not discarded, it is held in the subconscious minds’ vast storehouse of information, which cannot ever be filled up, absent disease or injury. The subconscious mind helps us originally by forming beliefs and habits so we do not always have to relearn repetitive tasks, etc. It then then protects and resists the change those beliefs and ideas, even when presented with beneficial information. Maybe this is where the phrase “hard-headed” came from. When you know this about the how the mind works, it becomes clear that we all need help when changing our minds for the better.

Once the protection of the Critical Factor is set aside, the Hypnotist is able to help the client create change in the areas agreed upon in advance using imaginative imagery and metaphors. These changes might include a more positive mental attitude, improved memory, or greater self-confidence when making presentations. All changes are permanent when introduced to your mind through hypnosis. Get the performance boost in your professional life you have been seeking, the natural way!