Despite countless diet “fads,” programs and a seemingly endless supply of dietary supplements and suppressants, nearly 66% of Americans are overweight or obese according to recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics. Similarly, a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report states that worldwide, one in six adults are obese with one in three hypertensive and one in ten diabetic due to overeating and bad diet.

And while many weight conscious individuals continue to advocate Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast, or the “Cabbage Soup” diet in light of this health crisis, each approach has its proven drawbacks, limits of appeal, and ultimately, effectiveness.

Accordingly, an increasing number are “thinking outside the box” and discovering the benefits of losing weight thru hypnosis.  In-office hypnosis sessions have been shown to be significantly effective in helping individuals control their food cravings (with none of the unpleasant restrictions or side effects of diets and supplements.) In fact, hypnosis techniques have been scientifically proven to greatly increase that effectiveness.

There is a Long history of Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Professionally-administered hypnosis alone can help bring about general changes in attitude and behavior (enabling individuals to resist unhealthy foods) and promote a state of general well-being, hypnosis has been shown particularly effective in coping with on-the-spot food “triggers” (emotions that set off over-eating, places/environments that make unhealthy foods harder to resist, and foods that by their chemical makeup instigate cascading cravings,) 

Additionally, individudals who have experienced emotional trauma at some point in their lives (not necessarily associated with eating or diet) report a sense of enpowerment from experiencing hypnosis that extends beyond food control to other areas of their lives.  Many advocates (including actor Orlando Bloom, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, and former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chuck Clausen) have incorporated hypnosis into their health regimen to not only reinforce a healthy-food mindset, but maintain a general level of positivity as they take off and keep off unwanted pounds.

How Hypnosis works with Weight Loss

Hypnosis allows the individual to effectively shut down the conscious mind (which is typically busy with the logical and analytical processes of day-to-day life) to access the subconscious (which is by nature open to suggestion) in order to reintroduce healthy-eating directives, which the brain will seek to comply with.  During this altered state, mental images of their ideal body can be utilized to reinforce strides made during professional sessions – and keep their diet on track.