According to recent numbers, one in six Americans is a cigarette smoker. That’s 50 million smokers! And that number increases when you begin to count those who consider themselves “occasional smokers” or “trying to cut down.”  This is with full disclosure of cigarettes being known to contain many poisons and carcinogens proven to cause throat and lung cancer and emphysema.  Cigarette smoking also has been known to adversely affect appetite, sex life and general emotional well being.

Hypnosis changes the smoking ritual

As any smoker who has successfully put down the habit can attest, it can be one of the most difficult tasks they’ve undertaken. It is generally considered on par with breaking cocaine addiction from physiologically addictive standpoint.  Scientists have pointed out that smoke has unique ability to be accepted in the brain as if it belongs there.  They have found that prolonged exposure to nicotine sets off a chain reaction in the human brain that overrides the normal system the brain uses to coordinate its activities like release dopamine and serotonin.  The brain begins to rely on the nicotine to regulate things normally. Withholding of nicotine becomes a traumatic event for the body and most smokers simply do not have the willpower to resist giving in to the cravings of tobacco.

There are many things on the market today to help people to give up tobacco and finally quit smoking. Many have tried patches, gum, lozenges and even pills.  The primary reason these things do not work for everyone is that they do not provide a substitute mindset for the smoking ritual!

Our approach to quitting smoking

Our approach to smoking focuses on changing a person’s mindset towards smoking. Regardless of what you may have been taught, your addiction to smoking is based on a mindset you have developed over time.

From the instant your hypnosis session begins, you will begin to know that you are a non-smoker. Most people quit in one session.  Through hypnosis our goal is to make it so that you can’t even bring up a craving for a cigarette, no matter how hard you try.