After decades of so-called “fad diets” (like the Adkins and South Beach), commercial diet “plans” (like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig), popular carb- and calorie-counting programs, and a slew of over-the-counter and prescription appetite suppressants (which can boast of only limited success), the trend today by those in the know is towards what may prove to be the most universally effective weight-loss method of all: hypnosis. Continue reading

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) more than 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes. Many people in Boise are struggling with tobacco dependence not knowing that in as few as one session, they could stop smoking, with hypnosis.

Does hypnotherapy really work for quitting smoking?

YES! In a recent study conducted by the University Of Washington School Of Medicine, 43 patients underwent hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Continue reading

Everyone has had a sleepless night occasionally, at first we don’t think much of the sleepless nights but soon our bodies begin to warn us of the dangers of restlessness. Sleep is a vital component in our ongoing health and well-being. Sleep’s restorative cycle gives the body the time it needs to rest and regenerate so that our bodies can continue to function on a daily basis. Continue reading

Regardless of what you may have been told, unless your problems with weight loss stem from an existing medical condition, your problems with weight loss are really just a product of your state of mind. Think about it; it wasn’t the program or the diet that failed, it was your inability to stay on it.  With traditional dieting alone there are always 10 times more dropouts than successes. Continue reading

If you don’t know much about something it’s easy to be suspicious and there’s a ton of myth and misinformation out there when it comes to Hypnosis. Some people assume all hypnosis is like the illusions created for entertainment by stage hypnosis shows, others consider it mystic mumbo jumbo or ‘mind control.’ For those who look beyond all the misconceptions, the truth is far more illuminating. Continue reading

These days there are as many ways to loose weight as there are words in the dictionary. High Carb, Low Carb, No Carb? The choices seem to be as complicated as nuclear physics and to make things more difficult, there are a million schools of thought within weight loss.

Understanding Hunger and Over-eating

Where does hunger come from anyway? Hunger is an instinct, which like sleeping, breathing, salivating etc. Continue reading

Shop in the Store You Want without worrying about weight

Young women shopping do you find yourself passing by stores because you just “know” that there is nothing in there that will fit or flatter you because of excess weight? Many of our clients have articulated this situation to us, and that is often the basis of how we help them re-gain control of managing their weight once and for Continue reading

Professional Development Using Hypnosis the Best version of you!

While it is true that Hypnotists often work with people experiencing problems in their lives, such as the smoking habit, and excess weight, high functioning professionals can also use hypnosis to enhance their performance. Truly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Continue reading

Pain in the U.S. is a really big problem. It’s estimated that over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain in one form or another. It’s a terrible thing to see someone you care about suffer day after day. Perhaps that person suffering is you. People trying to deal with chronic pain issues know all too well that the actual pain is just the beginning. Continue reading